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The Know-all ChE: Omar Moghaddam

Omar giving engineering students a tour of the treatment plant.

Every Trojan ChE goes through the same process of picking an emphasis.   Sometime during our academic career at Mork, we try to identify our professional interests based on what we want our future career titles (whether it is petroleum engineer, material scientist, environmental or process engineer) to be.  Making these decisions is mind puzzling because we surely can’t be all of them, or can we?

YES, we can.

written by Stephanie Chin

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Where are all the Chem–E Jobs?

One of Dr. Lee’s favorite questions to his students is, “What do chem-E’s do?” His answer: “Make money, make money money money.” But did he ever mention where?

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Networking: When it happens, and how to do it right.

You might find it difficult to network because it feels like making “fake friends”. But a shift in perspective can show you that its not about gaining access to other people’s resources and connections, but about finding people who share your goals.
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Career Fair: Is it worth it?

The Career Fair (or Career Expo) is always a highlighted event every semester. But can 3-minute conversations with recruiters dealing with so many students in five hours really lead to internships and full–time jobs? It can, if you play your cards right.

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The Green ChEE: Liana Ching

Liana ching

Liana Ching


When we hear Intel Corp we think of two things: first, we chime the catchy ‘Intel Bong Song’; then we correlate the dominant international company to their monopoly on microprocessors. What most people are not familiar with, however, is Intel’s idea of ‘Eco-Smart Computing.” Intel is focused on leading an industry-wide environmental movement to reduce harmful emissions, lower our carbon footprint, and ensure energy-efficiency, and who better to support and help advance this than chemical engineers with a passion for the environment?

written by Meera Dahyabhai

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The Mad Scientist: Anna Harley

Anna Harley

Anna Harley


This past summer, I was lucky enough to secure an internship with the engineering department at Idealab in Pasadena, California. Idealab, the brainchild of CEO Bill Gross, is an incubator company that has created and operated more than 75 companies, primarily in the fields of clean technology, robotics, and the Internet. Some of the more successful progeny include CitySearch, NetZero, Picasa, and the .tv web suffix. Current operating companies include Aptera, which is competing in the Progressive Automotive X Prize, eSolar, which is delivering solar thermal generated power to Southern California homes, and Evolution Robotics, which is selling an automated floor-cleaning robot called Mint.

written by Anna Harley
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In Control: Ertan Yuzak

Invensys PLC:

Engineers at Invensys PLC design customers’ control systems that meet the needed specifications to form a product. A control system is a technology that adjusts valves using an algorithm in conjunction with microprocessors and real-time sensors. The product can be nearly anything – gasoline, paper, food, and electricity are a few examples.

written by Emre Yuzak

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The Process Engineer: Omar Hamid

Omar Hamid

Omar Hamid

Jacobs Engineering:

Chemical engineers are now involved in diverse industries, from plastics to baby diaper gels. But what was the first ever role of a chemical engineer? Talk to Omar Hamid, Lead Process Engineer of Jacobs Engineering. “The process engineer is pretty much the quintessential engineer,” says Omar. “Chemical engineering was formed to support the activities that we do.”

written by Lorenzo Mangubat

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The F/A-18 Hornet developed by Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman:

Is Aerospace the realm only of aerospace engineers? Of course not. Turns out chem-E’s are just as capable of reaching for the skies. Richard Bohner, manager of Materials and Processes Department at Northrop,  tells us about his team and their work. We were also able to speak with Anna Yen, a graduate from USC with a PhD in chemistry.

written by Dania Neiroukh, edited by Lorenzo Mangubat

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